Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Living Life

by Cheryl Merrick

Some spontaneously enjoy
each sensation
as they move through life
with boundless enthusiasm.

While others,
with careful deliberation,
   evaluate life,
finding deep satisfaction
in bringing order and security to the world.

Some find wonder in nature,
   seeking to acquire knowledge.
Still others devote their life to
   understanding and nurturing people.

Some spend their energies
   caring for daily needs,
while others bring beauty,
   as they tap the soul’s power,
to create art, music, and fantasy worlds.

Some seek to learn lessons from the past,
    some are immersed in the present,
and there are those
   whose hope lies in the future.

Some are engaged in the world without,
   And some in the world within,
But each moves through life
    finding fulfillment
    in their own way of living.

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