Thursday, March 31, 2016


by Cheryl Merrick

Not Me!

As a child,
I looked with disdain
at older people.

Didn’t they have any pride?

Why didn’t they
take care of themselves?

Look at that old woman:
tennis shoes and socks,
short, short hairstyle,
punchy stomach,
wrinkled skin,
and flabby arms
and body.

Doesn’t she want
to be fit and attractive?

Doesn’t she care?

Yes, Me!

Now that I’m
one of those old ladies,
I understand.

Yes, we care.

I would love to be
beautiful and fit,
but instead I must cope
with a body stretched
and worn from
child bearing and raising,
with parts of me that no longer work well,
with an achy body and constant fatigue,
with frizzy hair and sore feet,
with dry eyes and skin,
and with nauseousness
and headaches.

Do I have any pride?

Wisely, the Lord
has been slowly
pealing it away,
making me more fit
to live with Him someday.

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