Monday, March 28, 2016

Setting Bounds

by Cheryl Merrick

Contentedly, I settle quietly within my my own field,
Knowing that I will no longer find myself lost
as I follow friendly herds to goals that are not mine

Secure in the protection my new fences provide
I, at last, find the time to be myself
and replenish lost energies

No longer trying to help everyone– Now!
I’ve chosen only a few to nurture

No longer trying to answer all emails - Today!
I allow myself only a half hour near the end of each day

No longer do I try and catch up all the laundry in one day
I just do three loads at most and let the rest wait

I no longer attempt to answer all feedback myself,
but limit it to one hour a day

I now see family history as a lifetime project
and am working on it only half an hour a day

I am finally accepting that there will always be
more details to be done
and so I firmly set my own bounds

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