Sunday, February 1, 2015

Happy New Year

by Cheryl Merrick

Longing to forgive past hurts
Determined to live by correct principles
Anxious to improve relationships– 
with the Lord, family and friends
Eager to learn new things
Resolved to take better care of myself
Excited to write
Engaged in serving others
Striving for balance
I hope for a Happy New Year


Memorable Day

by Cheryl Merrick

What make the day one to be
anticipated, savored, and remembered?
For me it is when
I can use my abilities
to accomplish something I value.
It is a day when I do not allow
less important things to crowd out
what really matters to me.
It is a day when I keep an eternal perspective,
while still enjoying the moment.
It is a day when I am doing what I know is right
and feel at peace.