Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Misfortune or Blessing?

As the kind words, and sympathy
about our "hard times" arrive,
we are surprised.
Yes, we have had five surgeries in five months
(3 for me and 2 for my husband),
but we are grateful for them
and feel that the Lord is blessing us.

Knowing that we have come
to earth to learn and grow
from our experiences,
we do no expect the Lord
to prove His loves for us
by removing the normal affects of aging.

Saturday, November 25, 2017


(Read by one person)                 (read in unison)                          (read by other person)


Hobbling                                                                       Hopping
                                           to the window,
the old man                                                                   the young boy
                                           definitively declares,
“Too cold out there!”                                                   “Great sledding!”
                                           and so, with one last               
chilling glare,                                                                longing glance,
the old man                                                                   the young boy
settles back in                                                               rushes from
 his chair,                                                                      the room,
                                            of snow,
                                            and hoping it
will soon                                                                       will not

Two Men Facing Death

by Cheryl Merrick

Knowing the end is near,
one man sits blankly in his chair,
his eyes looking hopelessly
out into nothingness.

His wife withdraws
consumed by fears
of soon becoming
"just a widow".

As the other man's friends and family
gather to say goodbye,
his eyes twinkle
as he lovingly shares
these last moments of his life.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

"Big Brother"

by Cheryl Merrick

The ominous "Big Brother",
predicted by a 1950 futuristic novelist,
who watched your every move
and controled even your thoughts,
morphed in the second millennia.

The fearful black-hooded figure of doom
has donned the colorful, excessively helpful,
and incredibly persuasive guise of
Google, Bing, and Yahoo,
and the chatty friendliness of Facebook,
Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Second Chance

by Cheryl Merrick

Who would have thought,
after 50 years of illness,
that I would have a second chance?

Instead of being confined to my home
with headaches, nauseousness,
achiness, and extreme fatigue,
most days I'm out walking.

No longer am I restricted
to a few rooms in my home,
but roam hillsides and parks.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

New Sight

by Cheryl Merrick

Eye surgery complete
and eye patch securely in place,
I went to bed.
A new world greeted me
when the patch was removed 
in the the morning.
A world where images
  focused clear and true
 into the distance.

Monday, October 9, 2017


By Cheryl Merrick

Ever seeking to balance
my longing to help others,
     with my need to recharge;
my desire to interact
     with my yearning for solitude;
my joy in experiencing the world
    with my drive to analyze it;
my dedication in applying concepts
    with my thirst to discover principles;

Age Adjustment

by Cheryl Merrick

Now that my eyes are "fixed",
   the ptergium growth and cataracts removed,
I expected to immerse myself in reading
    and work on the computer as long as I wanted,
but my aching 67 year old eyes
   reminded me that they tire quickly.

As my body gains strength,
I envision long energetic hikes,
only to find that my several injuries
     and weak adrenal glands
dictate a more sedate ramble.

Yes my ageing body will never return to
    its youthful state in this life,
but it has given me both the wisdom and capacity
    to live a life more full, balanced, and loveing
than I have never known before.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Desert Adjustment

by Cheryl Merrick

Seeing miles and miles of desert landscape
stretching out desolately before me,
I cringed.

Could I be happy here?
With a heart longing for 
refreshing green canyons,
cool rushing water,
and towering trees arching overhead,
I began my new life in the desert.

Now a year later,
my eyes are soothed 
by the many greens of the desert shrubs,
and my heart gladdened by the exquisite beauty
of even the tiniest desert flower.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Retired One Year

by Cheryl Merrick

Seeing retired people
as people who spend
their entire day playing golf,
or wandering the world,
I'm surprised that after
 our first year of retirement,
we remain clubless
 and travelless.

It is wonderful to finally retire
from the constant strain
 of earning a living
and raising children.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

What is Fear?

by Cheryl Merrick

Fear is the robber of peace,
and the destroyer of hope.
It is doubt in yourself, others, and God,
     running wild and taking you with it.

Fear is a knot in your stomach,
a thumping in your heart,
and an invisible hand gripping your chest.

Fear is the preemptor of love.
As we focus on our own needs;
"What will I do if --
     he dies? if they do that? if the baby isn't perfect,
     if we lose our job, or our relationship?" ;
our concern turns inward where, like weeds,
fear crowds out our love for others.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


by Cheryl Merrick

When birds sing again
and green shoots push through bare ground;
When seemingly dead twigs
burst into blossom ,
and newness sparkles in the air;
We remember our Savior
who brought new life to man
giving us hope that after death
our bodies will live again,
and that our spirits may be healed,
and with new life,
blossom into greatness.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Needing Each Other

by Cheryl Merrick

He needs predictability
I need opportunity

He needs order
I need flexibility

He needs routine
I need variety

He needs time to work
I need time to think

He needs a plan
I need follow through

He needs my enthusiasm
I need his calmness

We both need each other

Friday, January 20, 2017

We're Home!

by Cheryl Merrick

Everything is strange.
I don't even recognize the trees or birds.
Who lives in the houses around us?
Where are the stores and parks?

Having trouble sleeping,
I open my eyes at night
and gaze apprehensively
into the dark cavernous living room.

I feel lost and so alone.
This new house doesn't feel like "Home",
but our old house doesn't either.