Thursday, May 18, 2017

What is Fear?

Fear is the robber of peace,
and the destroyer of hope.
It is doubt in yourself, others, and God,
     running wild and taking you with it.

Fear is a knot in your stomach,
a thumping in your heart,
and an invisible hand gripping your chest.

Fear is the preemptor of love.
As we focus on our own needs;
"What will I do if --
     he dies? if they do that? if the baby isn't perfect,
     if we lose our job, or our relationship?" ;
our concern turns inward where, like weeds,
fear crowds out our love for others.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


When birds sing again
and green shoots push through bare ground;
When seemingly dead twigs
burst into blossom ,
and newness sparkles in the air;
We remember our Savior
who brought new life to man
giving us hope that after death
our bodies will live again,
and that our spirits may be healed,
and with new life,
blossom into greatness.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Needing Each Other

He needs predictability
I need opportunity

He needs order
I need flexibility

He needs routine
I need variety

He needs time to work
I need time to think

He needs a plan
I need follow through

He needs my enthusiasm
I need his calmness

We both need each other

Friday, January 20, 2017

We're Home!

Everything is strange.
I don't even recognize the trees or birds.
Who lives in the houses around us?
Where are the stores and parks?

Having trouble sleeping,
I open my eyes at night
and gaze apprehensively
into the dark cavernous living room.

I feel lost and so alone.
This new house doesn't feel like "Home",
but our old house doesn't either.

Overwhelmed, I stare
at the small mountain of boxes,
wondering which one holds my underwear
and which one my dish washing detergent.

Finally, with an excited determination,
I tackle the boxes,
opening each and finding places for our things.

As the days pass and
 the mound of boxes shrinks,
there comes a day when
I look around and sigh--
"We're Home!"

(my feelings about moving after living in our old home for 40 years)

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Road

Those on the road
rush home each evening
to waste their time,
either sitting mesmerized in front of their TV,
 or flitting from post to post,
caught like moths in their computer's glow.

Each morning they arise and begin another day
stuffed with fast food, rush hours, throbbing music,
appointments, lessons,  work, and shopping
till their closets bulge with unneeded things,
their heads spin and their eyes glaze.

Some, looking beyond the mark,
seek a fantasy life complete with fantasy partners.

Living through pasteboard Soap Opera stars,
silly women waste away.

Some, donning a new persona,
 form "relationships"
with other's fantasy selves.

Men, and some women,
longing for a titillating rush,
take the  degrading road
into the pornography dump.

Others read romance novels,
ever longing for their fantasy prince,
while ignoring the real "flawed" men
who desperately need their support.

On this road of instant gratification and entitlement,
children are seen as mere burdens,
women as mere voluptuous toys,
and men as mere cardboard princes.

Real people with real needs,
who get sick and old,
who are neither witty or thin,
but who need your love,
pale before the garish Hollywood images.

But those who pause long enough
to look behind the image,
discover it is hollow
and the road they were rushing on,
leads no where.

The Island

The couple stands on an ever dwindling island,
having removed their protecting wall of love and service,
they allow the constant waves of
selfishness, greed, and superficiality
to slowly erode their marriage.

Giving Up Mirrors

Caught by the world's
distorted mirror,
I despaired
over my aging body
and quiet, intellectual ways.

Like the morning light
the darkness fled
as I turned away from
my self-absorbed comparing,
finally remembering that
I am a daughter of God.

So giving up mirrors,
I now open windows instead.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

My Lamp

Enjoying being me,
I soar into the world of ideas.
Gathering truths,
I happily fill my lamp,
then returning to earth,
I set my lamp in the window
sharing its glowing rays
of hope and love

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Cutting Apron Strings

Oh! The pain!
Doesn't she love me anymore?
How can he just ignore me?
Why doesn't she even call?

We were so close.
Have I done something wrong?
He passes by me as if I wasn't even there,
and spends his time with others.

She replies, "I'm ok", when I ask how she is doing.
That's it. Nothing more.
My queries are met with, "I said, I'm fine."
Why is she shutting me out of her life?

I love them so much!
I just want to council and guide them
through these perilous times
and land them safely on the shore of adulthood.

But, in time, I realize that this is a voyage
that must be charted by the ship's captain,
not by his mother.

She needs me to always love her.
He needs me to have confidence in him.
They need me to cheer them on,
and to be there in emergencies.

But the time has come to give up
my active involvement in their lives.
It is time to step back.
Though, sooner than I was ready,
the time has come
to cut the apron strings.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Of Ants and Grasshoppers

I am an Ant.
I work

I am a Grasshopper.
I play

I am an Ant.
I am responsible.
I make things.

I am a Grasshopper.
I am imaginative.
I create ideas.

I am the Ant.
I do things
with precision.
I am the engineer.

I am the Grasshopper.
I do things
with flair!
I am the scientist.

I am the Ant
The world needs me
to build it’s bridges,
to bake it’s bread,
to heal it’s sick.

I am the Grasshopper.
The world needs me
to paint it’s pictures,
sing it’s songs,
and write it’s stories

I am the Ant.
I make the world

I am the Grasshopper.
I make the world