Tuesday, February 13, 2018


by Cheryl Merrick

Will I choose to lead the way
back  to our heavenly home,
or will I follow others
aimless ramblings?

Will I set a righteous example
as I strive to follow the Lord,
or will I simply demonstrate
mindless obedience?

Will I soar through the clouds,
or become lost caring for things?

Will I bury my talents,
 or share them?

Which do I choose?
Fulfillment or suppression?
The choice is mine.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Soaring and Rocks

by Cheryl Merrick

Like a bird soaring
high above the ground,
I see patterns below me
and am warmed 
by the light from above.

Not built for rock moving,
I collapse in exhaustion
beside my the pitiful pile
-- my full day's work.

Having chosen the earth
where his strength is needed,
the powerful draft horse
sees my plight.

In a few hours he has
all my rocks neatly piled
where they need to be.

Satisfied with his accomplishment,
he listens to my tales
of the view from the sky. 

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Grateful for Weaknesses

by Cheryl Merrick

Blessed with an astounding intuitive ability
to see and foresee patterns of human behavior, 
I feel humbly grateful.

Preferring intuition over sensing

also makes me astoundingly weak
in handling the many details of life.

This weakness has brought me 

tears, frustration, embarrassment
and finally to my knees 
humbly begging God for His help
in coping with the small things
that others do so easily.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Making a Choice

by Cheryl Merrick
The decision is logical.
Like using your "other" hand,
using your weakest ability
quickly generates stress.

I know this well
for I have frequently suppressed
my strongest ability.
Fearing social disapproval
and not wanting to disappoint those I love,  
rather than developing the talents God has given me,
I chose instead do what others expected of me. 
Of course, it doesn't take long 
before I collapse in exhaustion. 

Carrying Capacity

by Cheryl Merrick
After five days in a small trailer
with no laundry or dishes to do,
or house to clean, 
I relax.

Though glad to be home again,
I'm suddenly overwhelmed.
There is so much to do! 
Must I do everything?
Can I remain relaxed?
No, my headache, tight neck, 
aching jaw, and upset stomach 
declare I can't!

First Couple Vacation

by Cheryl Merrick
Apprehensive about leaving
the security of home,
but eager for new sights,
we begin down the road.

Enjoying quiet talks as we ramble

through cactus filled desert, 
we spend five days together,
but never one moment alone.

With our trailer growing ever smaller,

we share adventures,
till finally,
we are home safe again. 

Monday, January 29, 2018

Trip Ambiance

by Cheryl Merrick

Desert stretching to the horizon

Metro areas engulfing the land

Helpful, good people guiding us

Hardened, hopeless workers surviving

Elegant mountainside mansions

Rundown inner city houses

The quiet stillness of the saguaro desert

The frantic rushing of Phoenix, and Tucson

Tuesday, January 23, 2018


by Cheryl Merrick

Finding wings a hindrance
for life on the ground,
I give them up
to live with him.

Clumsily, I hobble over to the window.
I look up, pining, into the sky
longing to soar with grace again.

He comes,
presenting me tenderly
with a large white box --  
my wings!

*husband freeing me of details so I can study and write

The Binding

by Cheryl Merrick

Dragging my exhausted body along,
I force myself to do what others need;
     not what I am good at,
     not what I need.

Depressed, I continue on 
feeling my love
as a heavy chain
binding me to a life
of drudgery.

Lower and lower I sink,
my weariness growing heavier
as I allow myself 
to be bound to the rock. 

*as a dominant introverted intuitive I have little ability to handle details

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Truly Over

by Cheryl Merrick

I moaned and yearned
for what I didn't have.
Resigning myself to
a lonely existence in my home,
I sorrowed for my lost
health and opportunities.
Oh, how I wanted to hike and dance.
I longed for a newer home
with lovely cabinets.

Being nearly 70,
my life was set.
Or was it?