Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Storing Sunshine

by Cheryl Merrick

Feeling the soft warm breeze
on my face,
My eyes absorb the sunlight sparkling
in the clear early autumn sky.

I savor these moments

storing the sunshine
in memory jars
to be taken out later
to warm the cold winter days.

Indian Summer

  by Cheryl Merrick

Short sleeved days and flannel nights,
Light glowing through leaves yellow and red,
Nuts softly thudding to the ground,
Mountains rusting,
Lingering days of warmth,
Crisp and bold,
Indian Summer

Fall is Coming

by Cheryl Merrick

Cool sweater mornings
Squash yellowing beneath wilting vines
Birds feasting on orange berries
Leaves tinging red
Rainy afternoons whispering
Fall is coming

Fall Blows In

by Cheryl Merrick

A cool, crisp wind
blows across brown fields
ruffling the thick winter coats
of cattle and horses,
and causing showers of bright yellow leaves.


by Cheryl Merrick

Bright yellow leaves
against a sharp blue sky,
Leaves crunching under feet,
Reds, yellows, and golds
glowing in a soft misty world,
Crisp days and frosty nights,
Smells of grapes and pumpkins,

Monday, September 29, 2014

Passing the Test

by Cheryl Merrick

Can you pass the test?
Can you respond with love 
when you are treated unjustly?
Can you still thank the Lord 
when what you have long hoped for is denied?
Can you feel God’s love even 
when He is allowing you to suffer and die?
Can you be an example of faith 
when all your hopes crumble away?

Sunday, September 28, 2014


by Cheryl Merrick

Feeling that I am loved,
and knowing that He only
allows trials so I might grow
and return home
to live joyfully
for all eternity,
I put my trust in Him.


by Cheryl Merrick

The first disbelief and incomprehension,
     then the stunned shock
are washed away
     in a torrent of tears,
as reality settles heavily on the heart
     with a pain that wrenches the soul,
leaving an emptiness
    that will not be filled.

But we are not left without light,


by Cheryl Merrick

At the beginning,
when my health began to fail,
I turned young eyes toward
a bright future.
My eyes, now tired,
peer back down a long forty year road of illness.
If I could have chosen,
knowing well the road’s difficulties–
the pain, frustrations, and loneliness,
Would I still have chosen it?

Restriction or Opportunity?

by Cheryl Merrick
(dealing with my many restrictions due to having Addison's disease)

Yes, I must not do many things,
but are they things I really want to do?
Would I give up all the fresh flavors of fruits and vegies
for sugary, greasy, chemically laden foods?
Could I actually feel safe eating food that even bugs won’t eat?
Would I trade the soft, casual comfort of my cotton clothes
for the hot, scratchiness of synthetic fibers?
Don’t I enjoy the cleanliness and order of my simple home?

Opportunity or Tragedy?

by Cheryl Merrick

The baby,
damaged in body and mind,
needs his parents
to unite in faith
and devote their lives
to caring for him.

A woman lies ill,

restricted in body,
she spends her time
counseling and teaching.


by Cheryl Merrick
(I wrote this three years ago after finding out that I was allergic to all plastics and needed to remove them from my home. I have Addison's disease and my health had reached a point where I could barely think, see, move, eat, or sleep. We knew I was dying, but no one had any ideas of anything we could even try to help me. )

So much has been stripped away
     decorations, furniture,
   old patterns of behavior,
   lots of clutter
   and lots of plastic
Some leaving small holes in my heart
    as a cherished memento is discarded,
    but also it is as if a weight is being lifted off of me
    as my life is becoming simpler


by Cheryl Merrick

Do I really want to know the future?
Would I have had the courage to marry
if I had known the challengers that were ahead of me
with my health, marriage, and children?
Would I have enjoyed our family moments together
if I had known of the estrangement which lie in the future.
Would I have despaired when I learned
that I would not be able to go in places?

I Could Still

by Cheryl Merrick

If I were blind
I could still think,  plan, and learn.
I could listen to scriptures, Church manuals and magazines, videos, stories, and shows.
I would go for walks, ride a tandem bike, dance
and ride in my wheelchair.
I cold enjoy the sounds and feel of nature.

Hanging On

by Cheryl Merrick

The kitten clings desperately
     to the ledge.
In fear it cries,
Not realizing
loving hands
wait to cradle it.

Grateful for the Rain

by Cheryl Merrick

Chasing rainbows of perfection,
I become consumed with worry for my family.
Struggling with fears of losing my sight, illness, and aging,
I feel fear, cold and hard,
encase my heart.
Desperately I grasp hold of the counsel of a prophet
to develop an “attitude of gratitude”–
to be grateful for the rain not just the rainbows.

Courage for the Day

by Cheryl Merrick

Praying for the faith and courage
to meet another day
of moments of dizziness and nauseousness,
of chest pains and tears,
of cramping muscles and headaches,
and constant health monitoring.


by Cheryl Merrick

When my strength
     Has failed,
When my courage
     Has faded,

When all I have

     Is spent,
There comes
     a quiet peace.

A time when I feel

     His love surround me,
And know I am carried
     By His strength.


by Cheryl Merrick

“How can I endure more,” she sobs.
“Haven’t I been tried enough?!”
“How can I get through another day?”
Days of poor health, aging, grown children’s problems,
     an invalid mother’s care, and earning a living
     stretch endlessly before her.


by Cheryl Merrick

Looking back,
we count our trials,
cemented by faith and love,
they have built
our relationship.

Looking forward,

we see our children,

Blessings in Disguise

by Cheryl Merrick

If I’d had good health
would I have changed?
Would I still be anxiously attempting
to meet everyone’s every need and want?
Would I have ever learned to lead,
instead of just reacting to people?
Would I have learned to set limits
and ask for help?


by Cheryl Merrick

I asked for help
     in coping with my illness
     that my life might be more fulfilling.

In faith

     I followed the prompting
     to cut out most of my activities.


By Cheryl Anne Merrick

Even the thought of meeting you was enough
to send my young heart racing in fear.
Soon though, we did meet.
I tried to race past you,
but you wanted us to spend time together.
I saw you as an enemy determined
to hinder all my hopes and goals.
I sought to gain your favor by bargaining
if you would just leave me alone,
I would devote my life to good deeds.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Another Child

by Cheryl Anne Merrick

Dreamily the young bride
eagerly looks forward
to having their first baby.

Her thoughts filled with pink booties,
and scented with baby lotion,
she eagerly anticipates 
months filled with
cheerfully decorating the baby’s room
and preparing for their
little bundle of joy.

First Child

by Cheryl Merrick


Excited and nervous
     we await your arrival.
Will we be good parents?
How do you take care of a baby?
I’ve never even held one before.
We attend classes.
I make maternity and baby clothes.
Your father sands and paints the crib yellow.
Small clothes are washed and diapers are ready,
     but are we ready?