Sunday, March 29, 2015

He Lives!

by Cheryl Anne Merrick
I have felt Him beside me,
when in desperate exhaustion,
I could go no further.

I have felt His calming presence
in interminable nights
when fear and loneliness
have gripped my soul.

Easter Thoughts

by Cheryl Merrick
In submission to His Father’s will,
He, who possesses the power to create worlds,
allows nails to be driven into his flesh
that He might save His friends.

Knowing no guilt or sin,
He suffers the consequences
for us all,
Dying that we might live.

Coming to Know Him

by Cheryl Merrick
The depth of His love and sacrifice
I can not comprehend,
but I feel it strengthening my soul.

His determined desire and patience
in helping me experience happiness
is more than I can understand,
but I know it is there.

I feel my fears and frustrations
as my faith
in His loving wisdom


by Cheryl Merrick
Giving or Taking
Sharing or Possessing
Helping or Hurting
People or Things
Others or Self
Righteousness or Selfishness

Growing or Shriveling
Progressing or Regressing

Building Faith

by Cheryl Merrick
As my poor health continues,
I decide that
the Lord must be testing my faith
and trying to teach me
to patiently endure trials.

Instead I am amazed
to find that He is guiding my life
to greater fulfillment and growth.

Trauma and Blessing

by Cheryl Merrick
The message comes,
“She has been run over,
but she seems to be ok. Please pray for her.”
We all anxiously wait as tests
are preformed at the hospital
on our two year old granddaughter.

Summer Family Social

by Cheryl Merrick
Warm day
Grassy park
Shady tables
Soft breeze
Grilled chicken and ribs
Salads and deserts

Saturday, March 28, 2015


by Cheryl Merrick
Interpreting love
only in the language of hugs and emotional response,
the young man feels rejected
by his father.

Never seeing his father’s many attempts

Pictures of a Marriage

by Cheryl Merrick
Young and beautiful,
     though I didn’t appreciate it then,
I see myself leaning on
     my youthful husband’s shoulder
as, together, 
     we bravely face the unknown.

Smiling I muse,
     the challenges 
     of thirty two years ago
     now seem so simple.

My Debt

by Cheryl Merrick
They left homes and property
Seeking religious freedom
Believing in revelation from God
Puritans, Pilgrims and Quakers
They came to America
Some came on the Mayflower
Later one, a young boy, became an orphan 
when his parents died on the voyage

Leaving - grieving

  by Cheryl Merrick
My world darkens and slows
at your leaving
like when clouds obscure the sun
my source of energy and security


by Cheryl Merrick
Someone to love, protect,
and provide for me.
Someone to love, to help,
and to make a home for.

Completing each other,
Sharing our talents,

Hearts - miscarriage

by Cheryl Merrick
With joyful hearts they announce
    the future birth of their
    long awaited child.
Eagerly, hopes are shared
    and plans made.
The waiting begins,

Grasshoppers in Our Pantry

by Cheryl Merrick
Wanting to help them
We invited them in--
They were so cold and hungry. 
so we offered them food and warmth.

Though aware of their past 
spent squandering resources,
We assumed their stressful situation
had now kindled a new desire to change 
causing them to value
 frugal living and saving for the future.

My Studio

by Cheryl Merrick
Going into the studio of my mind,
I clear off the unnecessary
making space to think.
With an sensitive spirit
I prepare the canvass
with a base of true principles.
My purpose clear, I begin to work.
With an artist's eye painstakingly
thought shapes, colors,
and lines are added,
Til their relationships emerge.
Framed with a name
it is complete-
a new idea has been created.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Following My Ancestors

by Cheryl Merrick
You left England
searching for religious freedom.
Several sailed on the Mayflower.
Some settled in Puritan Massachusetts,
and others as Quakers in Pennsylvania.
You were one third of the signers of both
the Declaration of Independence
and the Constitution of the United States.

Beyond the Mark

by Cheryl Merrick
Setting goals for scripture reading-
in chapters instead of in change,
I am so anxious to accomplish
that I forget to allow time for
my spirit to savor the message.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


by Cheryl Merrick

At this time of
    New lambs and red tulips,
All nature reminds us 
   of the promise
    Of new life.

Late Spring

by Cheryl Merrick

Morning sparkling bright.

New leaves
whole and glistening
adorn once bare branches

creating a new world
softened by color.

It's Spring!

by Cheryl Merrick

all is different.

One day you awake to find
the solid frozenness of winter
melting into the muddy sogginess
of early spring.


by Cheryl Merrick

Gazing out my window,
        Seeing the morning sunlight
       Shining through white blossoms and fresh new leaves,
I exclaim , “What could be more beautiful!”
Then one morning, cool, heavily green,
Full of the promise of a summer day,
I sigh, “Nothing could be better than this!”

Early Spring

by Cheryl Merrick

     Heavy, wet,
     Plopped upon branches.

damp, blown,
    Stoically clinging to perches.