Friday, March 20, 2015

Beyond the Mark

by Cheryl Merrick
Setting goals for scripture reading-
in chapters instead of in change,
I am so anxious to accomplish
that I forget to allow time for
my spirit to savor the message.

Feeling overwhelmed
with all I need to do,
I forget what is truly important.
Accepting every good thing
dozens of women do,
as a “must do now” for me,
I spend my time making endless lists,
only to despair at how little I get done.

Amazingly, I never question “society's” demands,
nor do I stop and ask the Lord
if these are the things He wants me to do.
I doggedly trudge on,
in full martyr regalia,
becoming more and more exhausted
as I push myself to do
every good thing right now.
Finally, my life becomes a misery of “shoulds”,
obliterating the joy Heavenly Father
intends for me.


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