Saturday, March 28, 2015

Grasshoppers in Our Pantry

by Cheryl Merrick
Wanting to help them
We invited them in--
They were so cold and hungry. 
so we offered them food and warmth.

Though aware of their past 
spent squandering resources,
We assumed their stressful situation
had now kindled a new desire to change 
causing them to value
 frugal living and saving for the future.

But as we watched our pantry shelves
 quickly being emptied 
by their extravagant living,
we cried out in alarm,
Only to be rebuffed with declarations 
that they “deserved a comfortable lifestyle”
and if we wanted to live a “deprived” life
we could, but THEY wouldn’t!

They needed a memorable honeymoon
to buy comforts and gifts
a large enough apartment
a second car, a new minivan
animal surgeries
vacations and eating out
furnishings, clothes, toys, and electronic gadgets

Economizing was not for them
Life is to be enjoyed!
Making memories and living pleasurably
in the moment is all that matters..

Budgeting and getting a roommate,
spending less than you earn, 
record keeping,
paying off your debts,
are all things they aren’t going to do.
Such dreary living is only for ants– 
they would show us how life should be lived.

Besides, we didn’t need anything,
we had a house to live in, savings, land, 
our home paid for, and a retirement income.
They would show us how to use what we had--
how to enjoy life now and not worry about tomorrow

Shocked by their attitudes
and unwillingness to become good little ants,
we finally save ourselves,
and reclaim our pantry
accepting them for who they are--
devouring Grasshoppers.

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