Sunday, March 29, 2015

Trauma and Blessing

by Cheryl Merrick
The message comes,
“She has been run over,
but she seems to be ok. Please pray for her.”
We all anxiously wait as tests
are preformed at the hospital
on our two year old granddaughter.

Finally, after hours spent quiet and pale,
She begins to recover,
and calls us to announce,
“I was knocked down and runned over!”

So proudly displaying
bandaged elbow, knee ,
and  wrapped foot, 
She returns home.

Tired and stressed her parents
try to assure her of their love
as they deal with their own trauma
and cringe as their daughter
clearly tells everyone,
“My mommy runned over me twice!”

Feeling the fragileness of life,
we all give thanks for the Lord’s watchful care.
Though comforted that through the Gospel plan
no matter what had happened
we could still be together,
Our hearts are filled with gratitude
as we rejoice that she is still with us here

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