Thursday, May 18, 2017

What is Fear?

by Cheryl Merrick

Fear is the robber of peace,
and the destroyer of hope.
It is doubt in yourself, others, and God,
     running wild and taking you with it.

Fear is a knot in your stomach,
a thumping in your heart,
and an invisible hand gripping your chest.

Fear is the preemptor of love.
As we focus on our own needs;
"What will I do if --
     he dies? if they do that? if the baby isn't perfect,
     if we lose our job, or our relationship?" ;
our concern turns inward where, like weeds,
fear crowds out our love for others.

Fear is a lack of faith in our Heavenly Father's love,
in His knowledge, and in His plan for our happiness.

Fear is a blindness which causes us to believe
that only what we desire will bring us happiness.

Fear is seeing though a narrow slit of problems
and missing the beauty of the our whole life.

Fear believes that happiness will come only after our --
graduation, marriage, birth of children,
obtaining a good job, the children leave,
or when we die,
but never today.

Fear is clouds of worry shadowing the sun.
It is grasping for breath,
 and your heart turning to ice.

Fear is being tossed on a turbulent sea of doubt
where you do not have confidence in your abilities,
in others, or in God's power.

Fear is a shrouding, suffocating darkness;
the absence of love, hope, and faith.

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