Sunday, June 11, 2017

Desert Adjustment

by Cheryl Merrick

Seeing miles and miles of desert landscape
stretching out desolately before me,
I cringed.

Could I be happy here?
With a heart longing for 
refreshing green canyons,
cool rushing water,
and towering trees arching overhead,
I began my new life in the desert.

Now a year later,
my eyes are soothed 
by the many greens of the desert shrubs,
and my heart gladdened by the exquisite beauty
of even the tiniest desert flower.

I've deeply fallen in love with a bold land.
Red, white, orange, and black
declare its history and strength.

It is a land where water seeps 
from towering rock walls, 
and red cliffs reach high
into a deep blue sky.

This is a place where 
ferny green sage contrasts
against intense red sand.

It is a place where
lizards scurry across your path,
rabbits watch you then bound away, 
and tortoise lumber over to visit.

My year is filled with memories
of long sunny days
and walks along welcoming trails.

This is a place where 
children dance in the street when it rains,
while adults reverently stand still in awe.

In this place where the pace is slower
and neighbors have time to greet you,
I have felt peace,
and my soul has healed. 

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