Thursday, March 31, 2016

Different Times

by Cheryl Merrick

There was the time for me to serve as a Primary teacher (Sunday School teacher)*
then as an In-service Leader (Church teacher of teachers).*
I learned a lot about teaching principles
and working with others.

There was a time to be a church and city editor.
I learned a lot about writing, organizing, managing, and establishing guidelines.

There was a time to volunteer at the school.
I learned a lot about creative writing,
and gained experience as a professional teacher.
There was a time to go to a BYU Church ward (unit that meet together).
I learned about accepting and sharing who I am.
There has been a time to support the sisters in my ward
as the visiting teaching coordinator. (records and monitors neighbor women visiting each other)

I learned to love and reach out to others.
It was important for me to be out and interact
with others even though it drained my health.
There were lessons I needed to learn
and the Lord healed and helped me,
so that I could learn them.

I have gained a lot of confidence in myself
as I have taught and been an editor in our community,
and as I have served in various Church callings,
But now is a time for new growth
to serve through writing,
and to learn to set boundaries
to preserve my remaining health.

I felt good about doing all the things I have done,
each in their own time,
but now it is a different time.
Now it is time for me to serve in my home
as a Church Service Missionary
answering feedback on
It is time to prepare work for my ancestors and
have their ordinances done for them in the temple.

It is time to share my testimony
and health research on internet blogs.
It is time to support my family.
It is time for my husband and I to spend time together.
It is time for me to nurture myself
and grow spiritually.
It is time to enjoy living.

*The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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