Monday, March 28, 2016

Moderate Life

by Cheryl Merrick

What is a moderate life?
It is not going too long between meals,
or staying up too late.

It is not eating too much,
or foods I’m allergic to.
It is keeping warm,
but not too hot or too cold.

It is getting enough medicine,
but not more than I need.
It is getting enough rest,
but not dozing all day.

It is helping others,
but not past my strength.
It is moving frequently,
but not til I am overtired.

It is having time to reach
spiritual, mental, social, and physical goals.
It is avoiding negative relationships,
and reasonable setting limits on what I can do.

It is taking time first to study and write,
and still finding time to do important details.
It is living by principles, not social pressures.

It is avoiding extremes and being in balance.
It is living life always in moderation.


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