Friday, March 25, 2016


Will I turn to  the
right or  to  the left?
Knowing once chosen,
my day will be determined,
I stop and consider.

Which  path will best
help me reach my goals?
Will  time spent in executing
a multitude of details
really help me and others
Are my  priorities focused
on eternal  truths?
Does  this activity add  to my life,
or detract?
Can  someone else do  this task
better and faster than me?
What will I say No  to
if I say Yes  to  this?
Will doing it stress me
physically or spiritually?
Will  this choice nurture my spirit?
Will it help others grow?
Is this something essential?
If not, why am  I doing it?
Am I using my talents?
Will it nurture relationships,
or just fill  time with  busyness?
Will it create beauty and  joy in my life?
Will my action bring me peace?
Will it lead me closer to God?

After pausing to consider,
I veer from   the highway,
choosing the meandering  path
my spirit senses
to  be  the way home.

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