Thursday, March 31, 2016


by Cheryl Merrick

If we hadn’t spent
anxious nights
tending a sick child;

If we hadn’t endured
days of tantrums
and spilt milk;

If we had not felt
the buffetings
of teen independence,
or suffered with them
when they made
wrong decisions;

It there had been no
falls from swings,
beads in noises,
sprained wrists,
crooked teeth,
myopic eyes,
and years of illness;

If our children had
always been polite and kind;

If our families had been
constantly supportive
and our neighbors
always understanding;

If our income had
exceeded our expenses
and our home had been new;

If our hearts hadn’t been
softened and our understanding
enlarged by our experiences;

Would we be the people
we are today?

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