Monday, March 28, 2016

You Can't Take It With You

by Cheryl Merrick

Nobly, wearing their suffering
like a metal pinned on their shirt,
They rush here and there,
stressed, tired, and cheerless,
Doing the things that “need” to be done.

With no time for thought or planning,
They scurry around finding
No time to build relationships,
not even with the Lord,
No time to nurture themselves or others,
No time to notice the many gifts
they have been given,
or even any time to enjoy life at all.
Obsessed with “shoulds”
They dash and run, muttering,
like the poor white rabbit
from Alice in Wonderland,
“I’m late! I’m late!”

As day after day is consumed in
amassing and caring for things,
and constant but purposeless movement,
They completely forget that
You Can’t Take It With You.

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