Friday, March 25, 2016

Reflections On

by Cheryl Merrick

Three Months of being a Church Service Missionary*

Day after day they send me their requests.
Half are polite, reasonable questions on how to use the web site.
The rest are prideful criticisms and demands, and a few are pleas for help.

Preferring hearsay to the Lords’s invitation to study, ponder and pray,
Many drift aimlessly; confused and unsure.
While others want only to return to the comfort of the familiar,
refusing to learn anything new.

Disavowing responsibility,
 and consequently depriving themselves of opportunities for growth,
They attempt to bypass their own local authorities
going straight to “The Church”
who they believe will solve all their problems for them.

Without appreciation for what they have already been given,
They demand more – immediately!
Constantly judging and finding fault,
but never wanting to help,
they issue orders.

Basing their shallow testimony
on their own concept of perfection,
They allow even a broken computer link to threaten their weak faith.

Slowly, I’m coming to understand, a little,
how the Lord is saddened
when instead of true prayers from the heart,
We send Him our long “give me now” lists,
wanting Him to use His power to solve all our problems for us,
all the while never appreciating the help and gifts
We have already been given.

*for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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