Monday, March 28, 2016


by Cheryl Merrick

For a world that moves at a pace too fast for me
with too many people, too many things to do,
and too many places to go.

For all the loud noises, glaring lights, whizzing cars, jolts,
chemicals, magnetic fields, dust, mold and pollen,
heat, and cold which surrounds me.

For feeling others pain, caring, but not being able to help,
and not being able to have the loving relationships I desire.

For the fatigue, an achy body, little endurance,
headaches, and the pain of injuries.

For having to restrict and measure my food,
take allergy drops, monitor blood pressure and sugar,
and take cortisone to live.

For being restricted and not able to enter buildings,
stores, or homes.

For a world filled with endless details
and “busy” loud people.

I compensate with hours of study, soft lights, gentle music,
enjoying nature, thinking, and writing.


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