Friday, March 25, 2016

Time To Retire

by Cheryl Merrick

After being tried for wanting to use
two weeks of his earned year and a half sick leave,
My husband was ready to be done with the pressures
and political maneuvering of the Post Office.

Three days later, there was a small lunch
where he was allowed to say a few words
about his career and accomplishments.
We were disappointed that neither
the manager nor his boss
were even aware of his distinguished postal career.

The old days of appreciation for loyalty, dedicated service,
 and extra effort have now been replaced
by threats and unreasonable demands,
as fewer and fewer people are being pressured
to do more and more.

So on Thursday, January 31, 2013,
my husband went into the office
and turned in his keys,
got some of his favorite peanut butter bars and a hug,
said his goodbyes and came home.
As he said, “It is time to retire and move on.”

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