Thursday, March 31, 2016

Another Chance

by Cheryl Merrick

“I’ll see you when I get this done,”
we shout at each other
as we rush to get one more thing in a day.

Pressure builds til,
in our frantic pace,
purpose blurs.
We no longer know who we are,
nor question why so much must be done.

Evening finds us discontented.
Our exhaustive efforts have not accomplished enough,
not nearly enough.
Bemoaning our need for rest,
we at last stop.
As we vow to do more tomorrow,
“To do” lists crowd our uneasy sleep.

Finally a tomorrow comes
when ill and tired,
we find ourselves reconsidering
our pressured life.

In these moments of forced inactivity,
when we are left to ponder
our mission on earth,
questions quietly form:
“Are you taking good care of yourself?”
“Are you spending your time and energies
on things that eternally matter?”
“Are you nurturing your marriage and family?”

That night we rest.
With the morning light
comes hope
and a sense of gratitude
for a new day
and another chance.

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