Thursday, March 31, 2016


by Cheryl Merrick

You feel you have so much to do
that there isn’t time to plan
and adjust to change.

Meanwhile, I have become
so caught up in lofty goals
that I fail to notice real limitations.

Stress increasing,
you shut me out
in a vain attempt to bring
order to your life.

In an equally ineffective effort
to deny what I don’t want to accept,
I hide my increasing distress from you.

Having lost sight of your goals,
your inefficiency increases
as does your frustration.

Oblivious to reasonable constraints,
I continue to push myself
into a state of constant exhaustion.

Unaware of your need
to plan better,
you strive to reach your goals
by determinedly and ineffectively
pushing yourself to work harder.

While, unwilling to accept reality,
I attempt to force my body
to do as my mind wills,
accomplishing nothing
but the destruction of my health.

Seeking to solve our problems alone,
we desperately flounder
constantly repeating our errors
and wondering why life is so difficult.

Eventually we seek the Lord’s help,
not realizing that He has already
given us help in each other.


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