Thursday, March 31, 2016

A New Start

by Cheryl Merrick

With the new year,
I make a new start.

Mentoring young writers from my home,
I am able to give them the in-depth support
I’ve always desired.

Sharing plans and housework
with my husband,
I feel new unity.

Accepting my home as it is,
I’m avoiding stresses to my health
and enjoying more time together.

With blood sugar stable,
allergies in control,
medication to replace low adrenal function,
and avoiding nightshade foods,
I have hope of improving health.

My weight is down to what it was twenty years ago.
My “fat” clothes are gone, replaced with a new flattering wardrobe.

I enjoy visiting with my mom
and have close friendships.

Our home is simple, well organized,
easy to maintain, and cheerfully decorated.

With separate places to work, eat, teach, exercise, play, and visit,
I can spend time with family and friends
in my own safe environment.

I enjoy sharing my love of literature and my ability to teach
with two neighbor girls.

I have opportunities
to order items, study, and do family history research
from home on our computer.

I’m feeling balance as hours are set aside on Sundays
for reflection and writing.

Sharing the burden of routine details,
I now have time for things I want to do.

Time has finally come for
A New Start.


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