Monday, March 28, 2016


by Cheryl Merrick

Driven by long lists
of things I wanted to do,
I’d push myself through the day.
Til tense, tired, and troubled
the day would end
with a throbbing headache
accentuating my disappointment
in how little I accomplished.

Knowing I needed to change, I sought His help.
I came to see that there will always be more to do--
more people I could help,
more missionary work to do on,
more family history to submit,
more to be done around our home and yard,
and more emails to answer.

Now I am feeling less tired and more cheerful
as I allow time to nurture myself --
to study the scriptures, relax, exercise, and nap.
As I am setting reasonable limits on my activities,
I am finding time for each area in my life
and am at last,


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