Monday, March 28, 2016


by Cheryl Merrick

Blessed to be on the earth
to see mountains and smiles
to hear birds and friends voices
to feel warm sunshine and hugs
to smell and taste an apple
to touch soft corduroy or smooth wood
and to move, reach, and walk on my own

Blessed to have true principles to guide me
to know what is right and the purpose of life
to understand how to have peace and happiness
to change and grow through the atonement
and to have the Holy Ghost, scriptures,
prayer and prophets, ordinances, and temples
all to help me return to my heavenly home.

Blessed with
the gift of understanding & influencing others
talent in writing and teaching
a sense of music and art
and the enjoyment of beauty
the capacity to solve problems creatively
and  the ability to learn and feel the Spirit
Blessed to have the freedom
to make my own decisions
to believe as I think right
to choose government leaders
to work, learn, and travel as I wish
to marry a man of my choosing
and have all the children we want

Blessed to have
a husband who loves and supports me
has good health and wants to progress
caring friends and four children
who are trying to do what is right for the most part
two wonderful grandchildren
kind and helpful neighbors
a friendly community
and a beautiful area to live in with BYU ,
and mountains and canyons nearby to enjoy

Blessed to have
a good education
access to knowledge in libraries and the internet
and the opportunity to attend church,
travel the world, or taka a college course
all from my easy chair via television.

Blessed to live in comfort
to have plenty of good food and water
to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer
to have medical care, police protection,
trash removal, and mail delivery
to have a large home with lots of room
and  a vehicle of my own to take me places

Blessed to have
a wide array of attractive clothes
lovely furnishings & decorations for our home
good entertainment available
through DVD and video players,
beautiful music played with a touch of a button,
or on our piano keyboard
and our own library of tapes and books

Blessed with increased capacity to do good through
having a computer, scanner,
printer, and digital camera
having time and effort saving appliances
to keep my food safe to eat and cook it
to wash our dishes and wash and dry our clothes
being able to speak to anyone anywhere
by using a telephone

Blessed to be able
to have all our children living nearby
to  retire when we wish
to own property and our own home
to fix up our house
to not have to work
to have the time to study, write, and think
and time to rest and heal

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