Friday, March 25, 2016


No more experimenting to make me “better”
My health is stable
I know what I should do and what to avoid
I am to avoid everything I reasonably can
which stresses me physically or emotionally
I am to avoid chemicals in buildings
I have removed most allergens and chemicals
from my home and diet
I can get out some but not for too long
I need to avoid extremes in temperatures
and strain on my jaw, rib, and hips
I am to take my medicine on time
and once in the middle of the night
I am to sleep at consistent times
I am to relax after six in the evening
I am to move frequently, but only for short periods
and never get out of breath or overtired
I am to walk and do stretches daily
I am not to lift anything over a few pound
I can putter around my home
and keep it clean and orderly
I am not to worry about any yard work
I am to delegate all I can
and let my husband help me whenever I can
I am to simplify my life and not make new commitments
I am not to travel more than an hour away from home
I am keep my license but not to drive much
and have my husband shop or shop from home
I am to limit time spent doing detailed work
I am to visit outside or on the phone,
but can have a few holiday socials inside
We have some refinements to finish
but our yard, garage, and home are basically settled

I am to use my time and energy to
nurture family, friends, and ward members
I am to serve as a missionary on
and support my team and leaders
I am to be a full partner in the businesses--
helping my husbandt to be successful
I am to study and ponder the scriptures
and other Church magazines and manuals
I am to save time and energy
to communicate with my Heavenly Father
I am to do the research and prepare
the temple work for my family
I am to preserve the family stories and photos
on the Church’s Family Tree site
I am to write family history stories,
and poems which record my life
and share my thoughts with others
I am to study and do research on many topics
so that I can grow in understanding
and be prepared to support others with creative ideas
I am to support those with have adrenal problems
by putting information on my blog and answering their questions
I am to attend Sacrament meeting by phone from home
I am to write the missionaries, send cards to widows,
and encouraging emails to family and friends
I am to increase our unity in our marriage
I am to care for myself and rest when I feel tired
I am to enjoy life and be happy
I am to share my testimony, express gratitude
and set a righteous example of living by eternal principles and faith
I am not to waste my time and energies
I have things to do!
My life is settled

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