Monday, March 28, 2016


by Cheryl Merrick

Faster and faster my thoughts spin;
     so much to do,
     so much unfinished -
Where do I begin?

With heart yearning to support;
     a friend who’s son died in a car accident,
     a teacher under going cancer treatments,
     a young unwed mother and child,
     a woman with teenagers,
     the high school music program,
     the stake newspaper,
     and local politics,
I stretch further and further.

As I lose my sense of balance,
     around me piles grow higher,
     bills remain unpaid,
and, in my refrigerator,
     lettuce slowly turns to
     green soup.

Striving to improve our marriage relationship,
     finish reading the Book of Mormon,
     and put hundreds of pictures in the computer,
I continually push my tired body and mind.

Til with a rough bump;
     all stops.
As the dust of confusion settles,
     I begin to see clearly again.

In this cool breath of calmness,
     problems are solved,
     projects seem less pressing,
     and perspective returns
settling peacefully around me.

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