Monday, March 28, 2016

Still Moments

by Cheryl Merrick

Breakfast on the patio
early on a cool summer morning

Pink mountains
on a snowy winter evening

Sitting in the late afternoon
glow of fall

Light filtering through a
forest of green leaves

Sparkling snow in
an intense blue world

Stars touchable in a desert sky

Surf breaking upon massive rocks
throwing plumbs of glistening spray
high into the air

Light moving up canyon walls
leaving the river in soft quietness

Blazing yellow leaves glowing
against shocking blue

Fall sunsets-
intense reds, golds, and pinks
filling the horizon with glory

Harvest moon- huge, golden,
rising from the mountain tops

Delicate sunrises
creeping pink into a clear morning

Surreal white clouds billowing
high into a deep blue summer sky

A fantasy world
of sparkling ice crystals
the gift of fog
on a cold winter morn

The seclusion of a rainy afternoon
The quietness of heavy snow falling

Still Moments
encircling and filling
with warm peacefulness.

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