Saturday, March 19, 2016

Last Days

by Cheryl Merrick

Sobered by devastating waves,
     I consol myself
     that the Lord prophesied
     they should come.

Looking around I see couples
     callously trading in their partner
     for another one,
     like a new toy to please them.

I see parents heartlessly
     abandoning their children
     to institutions,
     so they can doggedly pursue
     possessions and prestige.

I see people leaving the path
     and hiding in embarrassment
     when called “good”.

Most people, trying to appear sophisticated
     are adopting the world’s dress,
     degrading humor,
     and lascivious ways.

People are rushing around,
     Busy but purposeless,
     Empty and bored.

“Entertainment” has become
     an exercise in degradation,
     a pitiful attempt to fill the void.

As the darkness is increasing,
     I hold tighter to my candle,
     a gift from Him,
and continue to find my way
     through these last days.

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