Saturday, March 19, 2016

Hearts Grown Cold

by Cheryl Merrick

In a world becoming dark,
The love of many has grown cold.
No longer do they promise even
 to love until “death do us part”,
but instead only until that person
ceases to amuse them or make them happy.

In a world of where selfishness is ennobled
as “self fulfillment”,
Where “your needs” and “your career”
come before all else,
It is not surprising that marriage
 is seen as temporary.

Along with “post-it” marriages,
are “token” children.
The child is taken off the shelf,
 occasionally played with, then put back.
Instead of being loved and taught true principles,
they are bribed with gifts and vacations,
so they will be quiet
and not disrupt their parent's lives.
Is it surprising they turn to drugs
to fill the emptiness inside them?

Into this darkness, the Gospel light shines
showing the way to happiness.
Through love, service, sacrifice,
and commitment,
Our families can be sealed together
for all eternity.


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