Saturday, March 19, 2016

It Is Enough

by Cheryl Merrick

We had been waiting for them to recognize
the depth of their love.
The moment came, and
He asked our daughter to marry him.
Now, he asks her father for our blessing.
Our quick affirmation leaves him wondering,
“Are they just anxious to marry off their daughter?
They don’t even know me.”
How can we explain to him?

We do know our daughter and trust her judgement,
And that is enough.
Though we do not know all the details of his life,
we feel the spirit of a good, honest  man,
And that is enough.
We have seen his tender solicitousness
 toward our daughter,
And that is enough.
We have felt a peace and rightness
about their growing relationship,
And that is enough,
for it is the Lord we trust
And His assurance
Is Enough.

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