Saturday, March 19, 2016

Ever After

by Cheryl Merrick

They meet.
A spark ignites into flame
    as they see in each other
the fulfillment
    of their hopes for happiness.

Their vision misted by dreams,
    they happily dance
    toward the altar.
A stumble or two later,
     we smile as they exchange vows
     enveloped in crescendoing music
     and embraced by a pink sunset.

We sense a completion.
Love is assured,
    Ever After.


In the cloudy morning light,
the beautiful bride
takes on the greenish glow
of morning sickness
as she struggles to get breakfast
for her husband who gulps it
and dashes out the door.

Secure now in her love,
he embraces his career
with new enthusiasm.

Returning home in the evening,
he greets his bride,
then happily resumes
his old interests,
leaving her to discover
that his promises of
constant attentiveness,
will ever come after
home & church responsibilities,
and, of course, football.


The years pass
    filled with babies’ cries and smiles,
ill days confined in bed
    and sunny days hiking hills,
school programs and homework,
    Christmases and birthdays,
late night talks
    and early morning panic.

      Each day of struggle,
Each moment of pain and joy,
       binding the couple
             in Love
           Ever After.

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