Saturday, March 19, 2016


by Cheryl Merrick

Enough of experiments,
intended to improve my health,
which don’t.

Enough of poking tests,
which leave me only with bruised arms,
and tell nothing.

Enough of instructions
given by people who see me for five minutes,
and think they understand all.

Enough of promised cures
held out like a dangling carrot,
and just as unattainable.

Enough of being in “The Zone”;
of impossible and unbalanced diets
which make me ill.

Enough of guilt;
of being told my illness could be cured if,
I just had faith,
Wanted to be well, or
Got out more and did more.

Enough, I’ve had enough.
I will listen to the Lord,
and He is enough.
That which I can do and enjoy,
IS Enough.

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