Tuesday, March 22, 2016


by Cheryl Merrick

Four sisters sat,
   Each silently congratulating herself
   On a job well done.
I am so diligent in reading the scriptures,
   Thought one, surely I am doing right.
Look how I care for my body, my temple,
   As each day I rise early and run,
   Beamed the second.
As the third stood in her sparkling home,
   She proudly exclaimed that hers, indeed,
   Was a house of order.

The fourth put down her lesson,
    and as she hurried to help a neighbor,
   Smiled, knowing she had chosen the better part.
My daughters,
   True, you each have part,
   But I came to make you whole.
The years passed,
   Filled with promptings heeded,
   And gifts shared,
Til weaknesses turned to strengths,
   and boastings to the humble prayer,
   “I thank Thee for making me whole.”


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