Tuesday, March 22, 2016


by Cheryl Merrick

Why are my weaknesses
a “disability”,
while yours are
simple normality?

Why is my inability to
remember details
a sign of a brain defect,
while your inability to
creatively solve problems
is merely an area
where you aren’t gifted?

Why am I labeled as having
“Learning Disabilities”
and “Dislogic Syndrome”,
but you are not stamped as having
“Creative Disabilities”
or “Disglobal Syndrome”.

Why am I to be remediated and “fixed”,
 while you are given sympathy,
understanding, and craft kits
to cope with your deficiency of artistic gifts?

Why are the common gifts
 and weaknesses accepted,
but the unusual unappreciated
and that person labeled “disabled”
till they conform to some fixed standard
of “normal”?

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