Monday, March 21, 2016

Value of a Woman

by Cheryl Merrick

Blinded by selfishness,
the world does not see
a noble daughter of God before them.
As they myopically focus on
“What use is this person to me,”
they reduce people to mere objects.

Though they attempt to cram their life full of possessions,
they have unknowingly doomed themselves
to a lonely, soulless existence,
devoid of closeness or love.

Once a woman’s value was determined mainly
by the number of strong sons she produced,
and her ability to provide
savory and nutritious meals and warm clothing.

But in a world where children are increasingly seen as
unwanted financial burdens
and encumbrances to a pleasurable life,
Stylish clothing easily bought,
and fast food outlets instantly satisfy hunger,
A woman’s value to man has degenerated.

Though she produces services in the marketplace,
she is seen as merely an object,
in completion with other similar objects,
Only to be used to indulge man’s base desires.

Deceived, the world has lost sight
of a woman’s true  potential
 as an eternal companion, a mother, and a goddess.

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