Saturday, March 19, 2016


by Cheryl Merrick

As his new bride questions,
   “Is your class load too heavy?”,
With thinly stretched patience
   The offended groom declares,
   “Trust me, I know what I’m doing.”

Ten years later
   When his busy wife asks,
   “Could we do this a better way?”,
Though he resents the interruption,
   The husband, pausing, admits to himself,
   “Perhaps she is right.”
Together they arrive at a new plan,
   And he is satisfied.

As hair thins and grays,
   The man, no longer defensively proud,
   Listens, once again, as his wife questions,
   “Is this too heavy for you alone?”
Now hearing with an understanding heart,
   He gives her a comforting hug,
   And gratefully accepts her gift given in love.

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