Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Two Voices

by Cheryl Merrick

I am in my teens, I am - well much older
and a daughter. and her mother.
Sometimes I miss being a Sometimes I miss my little girl
child and being taken care of, And taking care of her,
But mainly I want to grow up. But most of the time I wish she’d act more grown up.
I wonder when she will ever     I wonder when she will accept
allow me more freedom? more responsibility?

 What does she expect of me?
She is so frustrating!

One minute she treats me One moment she wants us to
like a child and the next “Let her handle it”, and the next
she expects me to be an adult. complains that we aren’t helping her enough.

No matter what I do it is always wrong!
She is so confusing!
 I am so busy
And have so many responsibilities
I feel she doesn’t understand
all the pressures
in my life.
She doesn’t appreciate all
I do for her.
She doesn’t recognize
that I have
Feelings too.
She doesn’t listen to
Anything I have to say.
Why doesn’t she understand me!

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