Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Turning Over

They’re grown,
but when I hear of their struggles
with supporting themselves
building strong marriages
developing faith in themselves,
their partner, and
their Father in Heaven,
learning how to be parents
and nurturing their children
caring for their health
and managing their finances,
I want to rush in and
solve their problems
and save them from suffering and struggle.
Like an over-anxious school child
I am eager to show what I have learned
by answering to the questions
the younger children have been asked.
Reminding myself
that the goal is not their ease,
but their growth,.
I smile.
Remembering the lessons I’ve learned
as I’ve wrestled with problems
and  learned to rely on the Lord’s help.
I ask myself if I really want to shelter
my children from these experiences?
Understanding, I take a step back
Turning them over
to His wise care.

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