Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Nurtured by the Rain

by Cheryl Merrick

His words fall with a joyful welcoming
upon my soul,
as rain upon a land too long exposed
to the withering rays
of an intense worldly sun.

The question, “What do you do?”,
is followed by the belittling, “Oh!”,
when I reply I’m a full time Homemaker.
So much is not said, but it is clear
that they see me as weak and incompetent,
a “nothing” who is wasting her time and talents.

Concerned, they beckon me to come with them
into the lush garden of ostentatious homes,
the latest fashions, and exotic vacations.
They attempt to lure me with promises of
an ever exciting lifestyle,
bursting with self fulfillment.

Yes, I admit as I quietly mend our clothing, again,
it is all very attractive,
but I will not leave my place.
I hear his voice again, a prophet’s voice,
and know my mission is here.
I stay to nurture the young,
watching them grow straight and tall.
Knowing that, should my children ever stumble,
I will never have to ask myself,
“Would this have happened if I had been there?”.

I know my decisions are leading me
along the safe path
to an Eternal fulfillment.
So let the sun burn down upon me,
demanding that I enter the work place,
I will stand in the stillness of an empty neighborhood,
nurtured by the rain
that comes from above.

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