Tuesday, March 22, 2016


by Cheryl Merrick

In a quiet moment,
     between barked orders,
a woman tearfully admits
    her children say
    she is too bossy,
and no longer
     want to see her.

Sobbing in depression,
     another woman tells
     of her children’s
    “Lack of Respect”.
She is older and
     knows more than they do.
They SHOULD listen
      and do what she says.
Instead, they push her away.

Still another woman complains
     of her deep loneliness.
She was always there for her mother,
     and has given so much
     to her children.
But, as she demands
     her grown children’s attention,
Reminding them of her “rights”
     as Matriarch of the family,
They only withdraw
     further from her.

After having failed to build
     a close marriage relationship,
Each woman is now desperately
     turning to her children,
Hoping, unrighteously,
   To order her needs met.

Though tolerantly loved,
     each woman feels rejected.
As she continues her behavior,
She remains unaware
    that she is the source
    of her own unhappiness.

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