Saturday, March 19, 2016

Warmth of His Love

by Cheryl Merrick

Once I could only see love
in long empathic talks.
but now I notice his love for me
in his repairing a drippy toilet,
or picking up my medicine for me.

I’ve quit expecting him to choose
sensitive gifts reflecting his
“deep understanding of my soul”,
nor do I sulk when he doesn’t
plan romantic celebrations.

Instead, I smile as I see his relief
when I thank him for the gift
I’ve chosen or the event I’ve planned.

No longer constantly seeking
reassurances that I’m loved,
I can give love to him
and accept his loving acts of service
and constant support.

I now find fulfillment
in helping him be successful
in loving me and our family
by letting him know
what he can do and say
and when and how to do it.

Finally aware of how hard
relating to people is for him,
I appreciate his efforts all the more.
I know he needs my help and I need his.

I am now able to develop
and share my talents
as I grow in
the warmth of his love.

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