Saturday, March 19, 2016


by Cheryl Merrick

He “should . . .”,
She “should . . .”

We clumsily navigate through marriage
entangled in our fantasies
like ribbons gone mad
tripping our feet and
hindering our progression.

Instead of enjoying each other
for who we are,
we fret and somehow feel cheated.
Our mate “should” be more perfect.

Chameleon-like they “should” change
from moment to moment
having all abilities and
being a different person for each situation.

Enduring our fate,
we stoically tolerate
our partners perceived flaws
while secretly hoping they don’t see ours.

With eyes blinded by brazen “shoulds”,
we stumble along
vainly expecting our partner
to meet all our needs
thereby making us happy
without our having to grow or give.


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