Saturday, March 19, 2016


by Cheryl Merrick

Trying to nurture others,
     I fill my life with
     cards and calls.
They say I’m sweet and caring,
     but I’m feeling increasingly fatigued.
What is wrong?

Striving to make a comfortable home,
     I spend my time
     cleaning, cooking, and washing,
but instead of a warm glow of accomplishment,
     I’m becoming more and more tired.
Again I ask, what is wrong?

In an effort to understand,
     I examine my daily activities,
and finding them filled
     with a myriad of details,
I shrink back.

Struggling with feelings
     of selfishness,
I begin to pare away
     the oppressive layers
     of role expectations,
leaving a simple loving heart,
     a mind eager to learn,
     and a soul desirous to grow.

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