Thursday, March 24, 2016

My Season

A season to give support
to my husband as he launches a business
my children in their endeavors
my mom as she ages
my grandchildren as they grow
my friends with their joys and challenges
to ward sisters in their callings
to neighbors in their struggles
to missionaries as they serve
to extended family with uplifting notes
to young writers at school
to ancestors who need temple ordinances

A season to share ideas
to counsel and advise
to lead toward goals
to share my experiences
to encourage dreams
to set a righteous example
to bind our family together in love
to enjoy family accomplishments
to record family history
to offer insights
to inspire others
to help us return home again

A season to grow
to strengthen my spirit
to develop my talents
to improve my health
to build idea stores
to share my abilities
to develop new ideas
to write my thoughts
to meditate and create poems
to come to know the scriptures
to grow in understanding
to come to love the Lord

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