Monday, March 21, 2016

Modern Life

by Cheryl Merrick

Trial marriages
Token children
Abandoned families

Eating food that bugs refuse,
they are both overweight
and malnourished.

Flaunting clothes that provide
little protection or comfort,
they give up self respect.

Living in beautiful, but toxic homes
with poisoned yards,
they swell with pride.

Obsessed with possessions,
but never satisfied,
they live as slaves to their debts.

Working long hours,
they forfeit leisure
in the pursuit of profit.

Wallowing in an empty affluence
they have little time to enjoy,
they put acquisition before family
and even their health.

Inundated by information
they are too busy to plan,
and so spend their day
in harried rushing,
with little time for relationships.

Eventually, the allure
of modern life fading,
They are left, depressed, only with

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