Saturday, March 19, 2016

Love Languages

by Cheryl Merrick

What language do you speak?
Do you show love by baking a special pie?
Not I
Do you build a cabinet or repair a drip?
Do you play ball together
or go to sporting events?
Do you listen to concerts
and attend plays?
Do you climb mountains and go camping?
Do you empathically listen
and offer advice?

Do you plan and
 offer solutions to problems?
Do you create ideas and do research?
Do you decorate and design?
Do you laugh and play?
Are you silly and fun?
Do you give hugs and kisses?
Do you discover and teach?
Do you go to museums and exhibits?
Do you travel and explore?
Do you politely open the door?
Do you smile and talk?
Do you garden?
Do you perform music or creat art?
Do you work together?
Do you ride mountain bikes and hike?
Do you find just the right gift
or surprise them with something they need?
Do you march before a pack of scouts?
Do you gently sooth a crying baby?
Do you write inspiring articles?
Do you serve others by helping them move
or bringing them dinner?
Do you repair cars or sew pretty dresses?
Do you scrapbook or do crafts?
Do you drive on a long trip?
Do you send cards and write notes?
Do you make a fancy dinner?
Do you care for animal friends?
Do you make pots or weave rugs?
Do you write poems or stories?
Do you manage finances or write reports?
Do you program computers?
Do you run errands?
Do you text and email?
Do you make things clean and bright?
Are you always there for them?
Do you lead and organize?
Do you visit the sick and lonely?
Do you share stories, sing, act, or dance?
Do you Do you protect others?
Do you make life an exciting adventure?
Do you run a business?
Do you bring comfort?
Do you tend the sick?
Do you preserve the past?
Do you master sports or coach others?
Do you help others feel safe and comfortable?
Do you sail a ship or drive a bus?
Do you do family history work?
Do you write songs?
Do you plan events?
Do you construct buildings?
Do you grow, and preserve food?
Do you neatly keep and study records of the past?
Do you nurture those around you?
Do you mentor others?
Do you ponder principles?
Do you host socials?
Do you make holidays special?
Do you inspire others by your righteous living?
Do you share your testimony?
Do you heal others souls?
Do you cheer those around you?
Do you make others laugh?
There are so many ways to show your love.
What is your Love Language?

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