Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Good, Better, Best

by Cheryl Merrick

My days sped by
uncontrolled and full of guilt.
Constantly, I felt a failure.

I forgot so many things.
I never felt that I was managing my life well.
Important things were not getting done.

Moreover, I felt frustrated.
I was rarely getting to any writing.
Poems withered unexpressed.
Business letters needed to be done.
I had to push just to get out the missionary letters,
and the visiting teaching thought.

What was happening to my days?
I seemed to be getting so little done.

Slowly, the Lord has been helping me to understand
that creative projects need to come first.
Details will tire me so much that
I will be not be able to do anything besides rest afterwards.
Therefore, I must delegate all details possible,
saving my limited energy for planning and writing.

Also, I now see that writing requires
far more time and energy than I had realized.
Now, though I’m structuring the late afternoon for details,
I’m reserving the rest of my day for creative projects.

Knowing that if I do not use my talents,
they will be taken from me.
I strive to express my gratitude
for the gifts the Lord has given me
by using them to inspire and uplift
those in my sphere of influence.

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