Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Faith to Try Again

by Cheryl Merrick

Looking at the feedback
from the website,
I panic!
I want to do this work and serve the Lord.
I remind myself that I felt prompted to commit to this mission.

I know as a member of the response team
I am supposed to answer these feedback questions,
but I don’t know how!
I feel so overwhelmed!

Thoughts of:
“I can’t do it!” and
“How should I know the answer!?”
shout in my mind.
As tears fill my eyes,
I turn off my computer.

The next morning,
I feel comforting words,
“You don’t need to know all the answers,
just send the question to someone who does
and let the person know
their suggestion was appreciated.”

With a new determination
to submit my will to His,
I muster the faith
to try again.

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